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Community Development

Keeping our neighborhoods clean and revitalized is important.  We created the Neighborhood Stabilization program two years ago. This program allows us to reclaim the foreclosed houses from the Wayne County Treasurers office, sell them to vendors who renovate the homes and place them on the market to sell or in some cases rent. Over the last two years we have renovated 181 houses through the program which has helped property values to rise and has improved the appearance of our neighborhoods.  The number of foreclosures has gone down in our city over the last two years and we anticipate this trend to continue.  The new nuisance and abatement ordinance will enable the city to go after blighted properties and force the owners to renovate them or lose them to the city. Those properties that we obtain we we will be able to incorporate them into the neighborhood stabilization program so they can be renovated.

Committee to Elect Byron Nolen 4 Mayor
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