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In December 2018, in the lame duck session of the Michigan Legislature the supplemental budget was passed by the House and the Senate.  In that budget the residents of the city of Inkster were awarded $8.2 million dollars to offset the debt of the dissolved Inkster Public Schools.  Our former State Senator David Knezek and our trailblazing State Representative Jewell Jones worked to right a crime that was committed on our community in 2013.  There is still $44 million dollars owed and we will continue to work to get all of the remaining debt wiped away for the benefit of our residents.  

Inkster Preparatory is a charter elementary school that has been opened for the last three years in our city.  American International Academy is also a charter school with a middle and high school in the city of Inkster.  They also operate an elementary school on Henry Ruff and Cherry Hill on the Westland side of the street.  Currently Inkster residents send their kids to public schools at Romulus Community Schools, Taylor Community Schools, Wayne Westland Community Schools, and Westwood Community Schools.   

Committee to Elect Byron Nolen 4 Mayor
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